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Story in short:

“The solution with Lindab Facade cassettes Premium was entirely in line with what Citroën wants – white and smooth”.

White, smooth and neat

The French car producer Citroën developed a new brand identity a few years back, which also affected the appearance of the dealers’ showrooms. “The idea is to have universal recognition for Citroën wherever you are in the world,” explains Martin Ericson, Citroën Sweden.

“When it comes to our dealer showrooms, the guidelines stipulate ‘a smooth, white profile-free metal or glass facade’. There are no requirements as to how the retailer solves this, but have chosen to recommend a number of suppliers, one of which is Lindab.”

The Citroën dealer in Lund, Nilsson & Lind, recently completed its facelift, appointing Kristenssons Plåt & Smide to fit Lindab’s Facade cassettes Premium. Bilforum in Helsingborg are also in the process of changing their facade. “Having seen the results, we can’t help but agree that it looks neat and fully in line with our intentions,” continues Martin Ericson. “In the case of sheet metal facades, we therefore normally refer our dealers to these two showcase objects, and with the pictures from Nilsson & Lind it is easy for dealers to get an idea of the possibilities.”

“The solution with Facade cassettes Premium was entirely in line with what Citroën wants – white and smooth,” says Rolf Lind, Nilsson & Lind. “The installation took just 14 days and went very smoothly. We have also received lots of positive comments; everyone thinks it’s really neat, and it has quite clearly given us a lift!” 

Mikael Kristensson at Kristenssons Plåt & Smide agrees.“The installation proceeded very well and the outcome was 110 %. Simple assembly, stylish facade and smart with all parts labelled.”