House project in Western Malmö

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If you are one of Sweden’s largest subcontract manufacturers specialising in stainless products, it is quite natural that steel would be the theme when adding residential construction to your list of activities. The two low-energy buildings with 28 rental apartments currently being constructed in the Western Harbour are based on a new form of building technology and a new patented building system that will provide exclusive and comfortable accommodation which satisfies the strict requirements on both quality and the environment.



The Western Harbour

211 14 Malmö


Despite the fact that scaffolding still clings to the buildings and the site looks like building sites usually do, it is nonetheless clearly visible that the new housing project in Malmö’s Western Harbour is to become something quite special.
Stainless façade details or stainless façade sections are perhaps not entirely uncommon, but façades designed entirely in beautiful, embossed stainless steel sheeting are out-of-the-ordinary.
The property has been completely designed using Lindab’s design tool ADT Tools, and Lindab is supplying all the studs for the prefabricated façade elements and partition walls assembled on-site.
“Lindab has a complete concept with design tools as well as factory-made and marked steel studs. This has fitted in very well with our new concept, and our designer Magnus Samuelsson has been able to draw everything in 3D,” concludes Tomas Jonsson. “What is more, Lindab’s support, logistics and delivery service have beenexcellent. This has been particularly significant since our concept is entirely new, which means it is important that the support from the suppliers feels good and reliable. We’renow assessing the experiences and systems thinking and have already started sketching out future projects!” In addition to the lightweight construction system, Lindab has also supplied the entire duct system for the buildings’ ventilation.