Kiwi Monsterhamn

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Story in short:

Lindab has delivered a total of 800 m2 SRP-Click roof profile, as well as all fittings, gutters and roof safety for Kiwi Monsterhamn in Norway.

​Located by Hardangerfjorden in Norway, specifically in Monsterhamn, Kiwi has recently (June 2013) opened a new shop. Idealhus AS dealer
of Nordbohus has been the contractor for the project. Lindab has delivered the roof of 800 m2. The contractor's choice fell on Lindab SRP Click in the color dark gray. In addition to the roofline, Lindab delivered all flashings, gutters and roof safety. All of it in the color 087 dark gray.
"The building consists of Kiwi shop on the ground floor with apartments on the top floor. The sale of the apartments on the top floor was quickly dispatched to older adults who wish to live centrally in an easy care housing," said our contact at Idealhus Nils Erik Ådnanes.
"We are very pleased with the outcome and believe the building as a whole is neat and tidy, and the roof helps to emphasize that. We will now start to build carports in connection with the building, and it is only natural to obtain prices from Lindab for the same type of product, "continues Nils Erik Ådnanes.
The local carpenter company RA Bygg AS was responsible for assembling the roof. Before ordering the roof, Lindab helped RA Bygg AS to review the desired products and make sure they ordered the correct amount for the project at hand. When the products were delivered, Lindab conducted another round of guidance on installation.
Carpenter Rolf Magne Bjørnevik says, "it was an advantage to get everything in roof / parts delivered by the same supplier. It was also great that the roofline SRP-Click was delivered with the correct length without the need for cutting on site. The roof was easy to work with and very fast to get done due to repeat work. In fact, we spent no more than 2-3 days on approximately 400 m2 ".