Peugeot Blue Box concept

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Story in short:

Lindab has supplied two Peugeot dealers in Denmark with a tailormade facade cassette
system with a design and colour scheme completely adapted to Peugeot’s new global Blue Box design concept. A number of Peugeot dealers in both Denmark and Sweden are now awaiting their turn for this face-lift.

​With a special solution from Lindab, Peugeot’s worldwide identity concept, Blue Box, is now being gradually rolled-out for Denmark’s Peugeot
dealers. Peugeot in Ringsted and in Rødovre were the first two dealers to be able to display the new Blue Box facade consisting of specially designed facade cassettes from Lindab painted in the correct, dark blue colour.

“The Blue Box concept will ensure that Peugeot’s dealers throughout the world have an exclusive and uniform appearance,” says Susanne Christensen, ID and Blue Box manager at Peugeot Denmark’s
importer K.W. Bruun Import. “It will give the customers a unique experience when purchasing a car and thereby provide optimum support for our sales activities and the Peugeot brand.”

Peugeot Denmark is now encouraging all Danish dealers to make use of Lindab’s facade cassettes. Moreover, the solution should also be available for Peugeot dealers in Sweden. Peugeot is anticipating a further 10-12 dealers to sign up to the Blue Box concept during 2013/2014.

“The straight lines and modern design of the facade cassettes are ideal for the concept,” says Nicolaj Pergi, Lindab. “Furthermore, the solution
has a number of details that reinforce the exclusive impression, for example, the fixings and upper edges of the facades are entirely concealed. The finishing touch is naturally the fact that the facade
cassettes are painted in the correct Blue Box colour, completing the impression. We are now hoping for new supplies of Blue Box facade cassettes for both Denmark and Sweden.”