Swansea City Football Club Training Academy

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Story in short:

In 2012, Lindab successfully completed the first UK Pascal project in Swansea. Lindab was approached in order to help solve a ventilation issue at the Swansea City Foofball Club Training Academy. Lindab created a healthy environment with the help of Lindab Safe ducts and Pascal VAV.

“In 2012 we were involved in the mechanical fit-out of a new build training academy facility for Swansea City Football Club. Before fit-out could commence, we became aware of a design flaw within the M&E spec which conflicted with the BREAM statement involving the air handling within the building, namely a combination of cartridge A/C, MVHR and extraction.  In order to overcome this, we approached Lindab to see if they could advise as we have an on-going working relationship.  Their Comfort design team in Sweden / Denmark helped re-design a successful solution to the problem and the building is now fully operational with their unique Pascal VAV System which fully conditions the buildings’ air movement.

The system utilises Lindab Safe ductwork and was quick and simple to install with minimal man-power, the commissioning procedure was straight forward and no snags were detected – install, commissioning and handover were merely just a process.  We would recommend the Pascal System to anyone interested and without doubt will be using again.”
Alun Morgan
Renewable Energy Wales / Jaxx Bay Ltd