More than Ducting


A complete ventilation package


Lindab solutions comprise all the elements needed to execute a ventilation project: air handling units, fans, attenuators, diffusers, grilles, plenums, VAV devices and control systems which can all be supplied with our industry leading Eurovent certified ducting. 

You receive a complete combination of products, knowledge and support – all in one package. This means you can carry out your project more efficiently and create a sustainable indoor climate to meet your needs and those of the end user.

We simplify the construction of sustainable buildings



Air movement systems for any situation


Air Handling Units that maximise performance.

Custom designed models for multiple specialist applications including hygienic units, industrial units and units with adiabatic cooling. With proven reliability and performance certified according to European and international standards. Find out more >


Your ideal first call for independent fan selection.

Lindab are able to use our ventilation experience and expertise to select and supply products from our own fan range and those of industry leading manufacturers, designing a truly bespoke solution to meet your needs precisely. Find out more >


Silencers for a quiet indoor environment.

Air movement systems all generate sound to various extents. We take noise very seriously and have developed an assortment of silencers to create an optimal balance between size, energy consumption and sound attenuation.  Find out more >



Indoor climate solutions for ultimate comfort


Optimum comfort with innovative airborne systems.

We have an array of airborne indoor climate components, everything from diffusers, grilles, VAV systems and displacement units for all applications. We can supply solutions for all requirements regardless of whether your project is within housing, offices, or the industrial sector. Find out more >


Grilles to suit all needs.

Lindab has the broadest offerings of grilles on the market. Produced in aluminium or steel with sizes up to 3m x 3m, grilles can be mounted in the floor, wall, outer wall, ceiling or directly into air ducts. Our product experts can find the right fit for any application. Find out more >


Waterborne climate systems which exceed expectations.

An extensive range including chilled beams and radiant panels which use water to regulate room temperatures with a high level of precision.  Behind each solution lies industry leading expertise, extensive research, evaluation and full documentation. Find out more >



The digital age of construction


We know your time is costly. To help you develop optimal, reliable solutions in the shortest possible time, we provide you with what you need: intelligent and rational IT tools that make your working day easier.

Supporting you throughout the process, we help you to plan, dimension and develop your project. We provide complete documentation about your systems and industry-leading products.  

 Find out more about Lindab IT solutions.


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