Standing Seam Steel Sheet Roofing


One of the foremost advantages of steel standing seam roofing is its flexibility. Lindab's steel sheeting is extremely formable. A skilled installer can work the material to fit any roof design, no matter how tricky it may be.

Choosing Lindab’s standing seam roofing not only means that your roof will blend in equally well with old, listed buildings and ultra-modern houses. It also means that you will have access to our knowledge and support to make your design and construction work easier and more exact.


New generation, environmentally friendly material-  GreenCoat


Gloss or matt GreenCoat in PLX and FAP is a high build polyester coating with a slightly structured surface. Beads in the paint makes the surface more scratch resistant compared to a smooth coating.

A substantial part of the solvent has also been replaced by renewable alternatives, most rapeseed oil. This reacts into the paint when cured and makes it possible to use a polyester binder that gives a very flexible coating with improved colour and gloss retention.




Textured, scratch resistant material-  Durafrost


A modern matt finish with a rustic texture gives any roof an appealing look. DuraFrost fulfils the requirements of corrosivity class C4, which means that the material is durable even in extremely tough environments.

Suitable for mechanical as well as manual folding it is available in PLX, the soft base material that ensures tight seams. DuraFrost’s extraordinary properties ensure the material can be easily worked in all climates.

Steel material coated in zinc-magnesium-  Magestic 


Lindab Magestic is a newly developed galvanised steel with more advanced rust protection. It is delivered in ZM310, which is equivalent to 24 micron coating on each side.

The durable material also ages in style. Lindab Magestic will patinate over time. It can end up being dark grey, and even after a couple of months outside you can usually see how it has started to darken giving a rustic and genuine feeling.



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