Lindab UltraLink - The only thing you cannot measure, is its potential


Discover UltraLink – a new innovation from Lindab. UltraLink provides exact measurement of the entire airflow area without causing pressure loss in a ventilation system. A unique and energy-saving method of measuring airflow and temperature with multiple applications within in the ventilation industry. The technology is based on ultrasound sensors, which means there are no protruding parts on which dirt can collect. Instead, you get uninterrupted airflow without pressure loss, offering unique benefits in terms of energy efficiency, simplicity and cleaning.

Welcome to the future. 



UltraLink comes with a host of direct and indirect benefits. But its real potential cannot be measured. In the indoor climate solutions of the future, UltraLink will be seen as an important component, as its energy benefits are in step with climate goals.

We will now introduce you to products and solutions based on ultrasmart technology of the future. This will take place in collaboration with our customers so that together we can simplify construction and optimise ventilation solutions for the future.

Ultra smart benefits

  • A unique method of measuring airflow and temperature
  • Exact measurement of the entire flow area including low flow values
  • No protruding parts in the airflow eliminate pressure loss and make cleaning easy
  • Can communicate with Building Management systems


​Optimal indoor climate – comfort and energy in perfect balanceultralink-broschyr.png

Energy consumption has to be reduced by 20% by the year 2020. As energy consumption is still far too high, new technologies and better solutions are required to achieve this target.

An increased focus on energy saving has meant that ventilation systems with low volume flows have become increasingly common. This, in turn, has created a need for measuring instruments and methods with high accuracy even in low volume flow conditions.


This requirement is met using UltraLink! 


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