05 April 2021

Lindab Air Disinfection Box

Cleaner air is as easy as UVC

The Lindab UVC Air Disinfection Box is a new weapon in the fight for cleaner air and better health.

The LHUV range of UVC air disinfection boxes uses a customised medical ultraviolet germicidal lamp to kill bacteria and viruses quickly and greatly reduces possibility of transmission.

Hospitals have been using UV technology for years to cut down on the spread of drug-resistant superbugs and to disinfect surgical suites.

​CIBSE COVID-19 ventilation guidance states, "Germicidal ultraviolet devices have been proposed for air cleaning. They use light in the UV-C spectrum and have been shown to inactivate coronaviruses".

Purification ions are generated within the unit and emitted into the space actively decomposing harmful pollutants efficiently and comprehensively with no secondary pollution and without noise.

The high quality unit is reliable and can easily be installed and maintained in a variety of applications including residential homes, offices and schools.

Can be used in conjunction with a heat recovery unit or supply air fan and work together with combined controls.

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