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  • 05 October 2021

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2020

    At Lindab Ltd we aim to ensure that all people are treated equally at work irrespective of gender and we firmly believe in promoting equality and diversity amongst our workforce.

  • 27 September 2021

    Everything is easier with One.

    Lindab DCV ONE – a complete room supply unit. By collecting several components in one unit.

  • 13 September 2021

    Kitted out

    The GLK under 11s are ready for the 21/22 season

  • 10 August 2021

    Protect life and property

    Introducing the FNC1U fire damper

  • 27 July 2021

    Two new gutter brackets

    Lindab continues to simplify rainwater drainage solutions with not one but two new gutter brackets

  • 26 July 2021

    One appliance, three solutions

    LinAir Heat Pump Ventilator, next generation MVHR unit with heating and cooling for sustainable homes

  • 18 June 2021

    Lindab takes flexibility in chilled beams to new heights

    We are delighted to announce the launch of the Professor XP Active Chilled Beam, with innovative battery design and improved flexibility to integrate features such as LED lights and speakers.

  • 05 April 2021

    Lindab Air Disinfection Box

    Cleaner air is as easy as UVC

  • 05 April 2021

    Lindab online workshops

    Let our expertise be your competitive advantage

  • 29 March 2021

    Easter 2021

    Our team will be taking a well deserved break at Easter. Lindab branches will be closed Friday 2nd April - Monday 5th April. Happy Easter!

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