15 March 2021

Employee Satisfaction 2020

The results are in!

​At Lindab we are committed to providing a happy, healthy and productive workplace for all our colleagues. As part of our employee engagement strategy we undertake an annual survey of Lindab UK employees to gauge satisfaction and highlight priorities for ongoing improvement.
We are proud to share the results and celebrate some of our successes including:
  • 89% agree that the organisation operates in a socially responsible manner;
  • 85% understand how their work impacts on the organisation business goals and strategic activities;
  • 87% feel safe at work;
  • 85% have a good working relationship with their line manager;
Of course we still have room for improvement and we have received many suggestions for how we can do this. We have identified a number of ideas which will be considered with some improvements already underway.
Full results of the survey can be accessed here.
We thank all our employees who responded to the survey