26 November 2021

European week for waste reduction

At Lindab, we aim to work in a way that is sustainable for both people and the environment. this week highlights a crucial part of or work for a better climate.

​The European week for waste reduction inspires good habits for sustainable resource and waste management.  During the EWWR, we have shared stories about actions we take to reduce wastage, reuse, and recycle materials and contribute to a circular economy.

 Reduce Waste 

Collectively, as a society, our attitude to waste needs to change for the well-being of the environment and a better climate. Lindab are world-class at reducing production waste, cutting programs minimise waste metal in our production processes. Any off-cuts of sufficient size are retained for smaller segments. We have fewer defective parts per million than the automotive industry and any damaged products we do have are assessed to be reworked to industry standards. Waste steel from production is always recycled. 

 Recycle material

To minimise pollution that can harm our health and the environment, we need to avoid sending waste to landfills. We at Lindab have sent zero waste to landfills for more than two years. All waste is recycled or diverted to energy reclamation. In addition, we have invested in new recycling bins and waste balers to control and segregate waste and have updated sustainable waste management policies to optimise waste streams. As a result, we will increase the proportion of our waste being recycled by over 10% in the next year.

 Reuse Product 

Less energy is required to recycle materials as opposed to creating new materials. We have a circular economy solution for packaging where we will send up to 250 tonnes a year of cardboard and paper waste back to our packaging supplier to recondition and reuse for the same purpose. We are also looking for opportunities to replace single use plastics within our organisation. We have provided reusable drinks bottles to our whole UK team, this will reduce the waste of disposable cups by 39,000 per year from our Manchester site alone, plus it keeps our team well hydrated. 


ab are committed to a continuous improvement programme for sustainability. Find out more about our work For a better climate.

 If you are inspired to contribute to a better climate you can find ideas and advice for starting good habits from European Week for Waste Reduction​