10 February 2022

Lindab in The BESA Book 2022

Lindab control the narrative on energy efficient ventilation.

​National Sales Manager, Andy Watton explains the benefits of decentralising control of building services in the 2022 edition of The BESA Book which focuses on the health and wellbeing of building occupants, alongside the drive to continually lower energy use and carbon emissions.

The annual directory from the Building Engineering Services Association offers valuable guidance on the technical, environmental and legislative issues affecting clients, specifiers, main contractors and consulting engineers in the building services industry.

In the article, Andy asks whether using a complex building management system is always the best way to control ventilation in buildings.

The article goes into detail about how modern, intelligent, local controllers working with airflow measurement devices allows true demand to be to be met as economically as possible, minimising energy usage and optimising comfort.