18 November 2020

Profile Developments

We have made changes to our UK rainwater and roofing business

Profile is the division within Lindab that manufacturers and supplies high quality steel rainwater and roofing systems.

Demand for these products has increased substantially in recent years and we have made some changes to ensure that we can offer our customers the service you deserve as we continue to grow. 

The structure of our Profile sales team has been altered and we will now be operating with 3 regional teams covering, London & The South, The North & Midlands and Scotland+ respectively.

More information about Lindab Profile contacts and regional coverage can be found here.

We have also moved our Rainline warehousing operations to a new facility which we are confident will better equip us moving forward. We have, however, faced some unexpected delays during the move which means unfortunately some of you have been waiting longer than expected for your orders.
Please note we are currently working to a 10 day lead time for new orders whilst we resolve this issue and our team are working hard to ensure customers get their goods as quickly as possible.
Any queries relating to outstanding orders can be sent to profile@lindab.co.uk .
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience.