02 November 2021

The Charity Championship is back!

Vote to help a local charity receive a huge £5,000 donation this Christmas

In 2020 we hosted our first Christmas Charity Championship and were overwhelmed by the support it received and more importantly the feedback from charities involved was fantastic. They were of course grateful to receive donations from Lindab but also reported increased donations and engagement as a result of the additional awareness that the competition brought. 
We are excited to inform you that the competition is back for Christmas 2021 and we hope to have a similar impact on the charities that are included this year. 

All charities taking part will receive a donation from Lindab, the further they progress, a bigger donation will be given and the victorious charity will take a huge £5,000 donation at Christmas.


The championship includes charities local to each of our UK branches and sites. A number of rounds will be held allowing you to vote for your preferred charity helping them to progress within the competition. We will be posting voting links here and on our Lindab UK social media channels.


The Final

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon Vs Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal- Winner Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon​

Semi Finals

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon Vs Thames Valley Air Ambulance - Winner Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon

Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal Vs Eating Matters - Norfolk - Winner Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal ​

Quarter Finals

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon Vs Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity - Winner Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon

Balloons, Support for bereaved children- Exeter Vs Thames Valley Air Ambulance- Winner - Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal Vs Trafford Domestic Abuse Services​- Winner - Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal 

Eating Matters - Norfolk Vs Naomi House - Winner - Eating Matters - Norfolk 

National Rounds


Aberdeen vs Basildon vs Belfast Winner- Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon

Birmingham vs Bristol vs Cardiff Winner- Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity

Croydon vs Enfield vs Exeter Winner- Balloons, Support for bereaved children- Exeter

Newcastle vs Glasgow vs High Wycombe Winner- Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Kent vs Leeds vs Leicester Winner-  Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal

Lincoln vs Manchester vs Northampton Winner- Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

Norwich vs Nottingham vs Sheffield Winner- Eating Matters

Southampton vs Stoke vs Wildcard Winner- Naomi House & Jacksplace



Aberdeen Round Winner- Somebody Cares Scotland, Crisis Support

Basildon Round Winner- Lennox Children's Cancer Fund


Birmingham Round Winner- Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity​

Bristol Round Winner- Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity

Cardiff Round Winner- Keep Wales Tidy

Croydon Round Winner- Ecolocal, Sutton- Delivering Sustainability

Enfield Round Winner- The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre- Enfield

Exeter Round Winner- Balloons, Support for bereaved children- Exeter

Newcastle Round Winner- Gateshead Carers

Glasgow Round Winner- Visibility Scotland

High Wycombe Round Winner- Thames Valley Air Ambulance

Kent Round Winner- Demelza House

Leeds Round Winner- Rob Burrow Foundation MNDA

Leicester Round Winner- Leicester Children's Hospital Appeal

Lincoln Round Winner- Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People- Lincoln

Manchester Round Winner- Trafford Domestic Abuse Services

Northampton Round Winner- Kids Aid Northamptonshire- Children's Mental Health

Norwich Round Winner- Eating Matters - Norfolk

Nottingham Round Winner- Base 51- Youth Counselling, Nottingham

Sheffield Round Winner- Sheffield Young Carers

Southampton Round Winner- Naomi House

Stoke Round Winner- North Staffs Asperger/ Autism Association

Wildcard entry to next round for the 2nd place with highest votes. Percentage in their round will be used as a tiebreaker. 

Wildcard Winner- Forget Me Not Children's Hospice- Huddersfield​ ​



We would like to thank all that have voted and all the listed charities for taking part. All charities receive a donation from Lindab. 

Aberdeen Charities:

Somebody Cares Scotland, Crisis Support

Cats Protection- Aberdeen

Aberdeen Foyer, Housing and Support

Basildon Charities:

Peaceful Place Basildon, Young Onset Dementia Care

Basildon Mind, For Better Mental Health

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

Belfast Charities:

​Cancer Fund for Children- N. Ireland

Lighthouse, Suicide Prevention, Belfast

Autism NI​​

Birmingham Charities:

Sport for Life- West Midlands

Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity

Crossroads Caring for Carers- West Midlands

Bristol Charities:

Envision- Youth Success

Bristol and Weston Hospitals Charity

Off The Record- Mental Health Support

Cardiff Charities:

The Fan Charity- Friends and Neighbours, South Wales

​​Arts Active Trust

Keep Wales Tidy

Croydon Charities:

Lives not Knives

John Whitgift Foundation- community in Croydon

Ecolocal, Sutton- Delivering Sustainability

Enfield Charities:

The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre

 Lennox Children's Cancer Fund- Basildon

​​​​​Enfield Mencap

Gateshead Charities:

Gateshead Youth Council

Gateshead Carers

Tiny Lives

Glasgow Charities:

Visibility Scotland

High Wycombe Charities:

Wycombe Wanderers Sports and Education Trust

Kent Charities:

Demelza House

Leeds Charities:

St George's Crypt

Leicester Charities:

 Hope Against Cancer

Lincoln Charities:

 Linc & Notts Air Ambulance

Manchester Charities:

 42nd Street- Youth Mental Health

Northampton Charities:

 Northamptonshire Health Charity

Norwich Charities:

The Greenhouse Trust- Environmental Art Gallery

Nottingham Charities:

Framework- Housing and Support

Sheffield Charities:

Sheffield Young Carers

Southampton Charities:

Naomi House, Enhancing Short Lives

Stoke Charities:

Staffordshire Wildlife Trust​