19 May 2017

UltraLink shortlisted for CSA Product Innovation of the Year award

The nominees in with a chance of winning the CSA Product Innovation of the Year award have been revealed. The panel of expert judges has chosen Lindab UltraLink alongside just three competing products for the much-coveted award.

UltraLink is a unique product that changes the way flows and temperatures are measured in our ventilation systems. By providing more exact and thorough measurements even in low flows and air speeds, it offers major benefits in terms of energy efficiency, simplicity and cleaning. In the indoor climate solutions of the future, UltraLink will be seen as an important component, as its properties enable energy benefits that are in line with climate goals and contribute to achieving them.

The technology behind UltraLink is based on ultrasound sensors, which means there are no protruding parts on which dirt can collect. Instead, it offers uninterrupted airflow with reduced pressure loss.

The latest of our revolutionary inventions, Lindab only recently introduced UltraLink to the global HVAC business. UltraLink has already won the STORRA Great Indoor Climate award and was a finalist for the H&V News Air Movement Product of the Year award.
The Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) is at the forefront of career development and training for the Building Services, Commissioning and HVAC industries in the UK. The CSA Awards is regarded as one of the leading building services events. 
Lindab Group Product and Marketing Director Bengt Andersson says, “Lindab UltraLink is a great example of the outcome of our focus on innovative products and solutions supporting energy efficiency and the EU 2020 targets defined in the Kyoto protocol.  With Lindab UltraLink we put actions behind our strategy and this nomination tells us that we are on the right track and encourages us to continue investing in the products and solution of the future.”
The winner will be presented with the award at a prestigious gaga event on the 15th June.