18 December 2020

We have a winner!

Thank you to all that voted and shared our Good Thinking Charity Championship

​Huge congratulations to our worthy winners St Ann's Hospice of Manchester, their supporters worked hard at every stage to help them claim victory and the £5,000 prize donation.

St Ann's Hospice is a fantastic charity that help adults from across Greater Manchester who are affected by life-limiting illnesses, and they support their loved ones and carers too.

Well done too to our runner up With Kids, an incredible charity in Glasgow that offers a range of therapeutic services to children & parents/carers. For their valient effort, they will receive a £500 donation.

We are overwhelmed with the support that has been given to the championship. Over 200,000 votes were received in total, endless shares on social media, including some celebrity endorsements and a huge amount of comments written about the amazing work being done by the charities involved.
We have received some lovely feedback about increased donations and engagement from many of the charities. All the organisations involved have received a donation from Lindab and are linked below should you wish to contribute further.
Thank you again for all that voted, shared and especially anyone who has donated.
Aberdeen Branch

Basildon Branch

Belfast Branch

Birmingham Branch
Bristol Branch
Cardiff Branch
Croydon Branch
Enfield Branch
Exeter Branch
Gateshead Branch
Glasgow Branch
High Wycombe Branch
Kent Branch
Leeds Branch
Leicester Branch
Lincoln Branch
Manchester Branch
Northampton Branch
Norwich Branch
The Big C Norfolk's Cancer Charity
Nottingham Branch
Sheffield Branch
Southampton Branch
Stoke Branch