22 December 2021

Worthy winners!

Thank you for everyone that voted in our Christmas Charity Championship.

We'd like you to join us in congratulating the winners, Lennox Children's Charity Fund of Basildon. Their supporters worked hard at every stage to help them claim victory and the £5,000 prize donation.

Since the charity was founded in 1992, Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund have worked tirelessly to make a positive difference to children diagnosed with cancer and their families. 

Some of our team visited Lennox to present them with their winner's cheque and to find out more about their fantastic work. They had been busy wrapping a mountain of Christmas gifts for the children that they work with and told us about how they offer support for the families of these children all year round. 

We learned about some inspiring plans for new initiatives to be launched in 2022 and how much our donation will help make this a reality. Thank you to Lindsey, Vincent, Gemma and Vicky for taking time out from their incredible work to talk to us. 

We are overwhelmed with the support that has been given to the championship. Over 60,000 votes were received in total, endless shares on social media and a huge amount of comments written about the amazing work being done by the charities involved. 
We have received some lovely feedback about increased donations and engagement from many of the charities. All the organisations involved have received a donation from Lindab.
Thank you again for all that voted, shared and especially anyone who has donated.​​​