R&D center Lindab Slovenia

​R&D center Lindab Slovenia, which started operating in 2006 as IMP Klima, carries out the development of state-of-the-art indoor climate systems. In the innovation process, the development engineers of the Institute look for solutions that guarantee healthy and comfortable living in buildings and their energy efficiency.


Due to high level of interdisciplinarity in the field of air-conditioning, heating and ventilation, the Institute co-operates closely with the Slovene universities and many Slovene and foreign companies and research institutions.

The high-tech equipment in development departments and laboratories of Lindab IMP Klima Institute enables innovation and measurement and testing of products according to international standards. One of the particularities among the measurement models is the acoustic module which is the largest laboratory of this kind in Slovenia and the neighbouring countries.

The lion’s share of measurements is carried out in the general laboratory for testing and measurement of air distribution elements and modular and compact air handling units. In addition to standard measurements, this laboratory also enables the measurements in applicative projects, where it can stimulate comfort in a room to the full extent and under realistic conditions. With such presentation, the Institute convinced many investors in large facilities all over Europe.

Lindab IMP Klima Institute is an important development and education centre. Specialist researchers share their firsthand experience with the domestic and international students, designers, implementers and users of the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems.




Air handling units lab                              Air distribution lab

Clean room lab   

Acoustic Lab    

Heating and cooling units lab  

Aerodynamic Lab