SCI Constellation

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Story in short:

Through the collaboration with the architects’ office Maechal, Delaunay et Jund in Strasbourg, we have also combined aesthetics with functionality in a very successful and exciting way. The
latest two Astron buildings are particularly good examples of this.”
Thanks to its triangular shape and protruding corner section, the office building has an extremely interesting architectural expression that is fully in line with SCI Constellation’s intentions.
It comprises an Astron MSB with a ground floor and two additional storeys, totalling 1,200 m2.


SCI Constellation

6 Rue St Michel

57910 Neufgrange


Eiffage Construction in Strasbourg is a French building company that conducts extensive operations in the construction sector, with assignments ranging from infrastructure to large commercial
building projects. Eiffage Construction is also one of Lindab-Astron’s biggest customers in France, and has collaborated with Astron since 1978. One of Eiffage Construction’s more spectacular projects, in which Astron buildings have played a pivotal role, is its contribution to the Porte du Sud industrial park in Geispolsheim, just south of Strasbourg.
“When French chocolate producer Schaal sold a large plot of land a few years ago, strategically located just outside Strasbourg, to the property company SCI Constellation, we were commissioned to be responsible for the construction work,” explains Mr. Roger Hecker at Eiffage Construction. “Thanks to having collaborated with Astron over many years, we knew that Astron’s solutions would be perfect for the development of the area in front of us. We have now delivered no fewer than nine Astron buildings to Porte du Sud, and the simple reason for this is the excellent
contacts we enjoy with Astron, the great support we receive and, of course the flexible and efficient Astron solutions we can provide to SCI Constellation."
Jean-Paul Burrus sees Lindab-Astron’s knowledge of industrial construction as a great advantage. “Building systems from Lindab-Astron give us the flexibility and the versatile
utilisation of the premises we require.”