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“As always, Lindab has honoured its commitments extremely well. During the later stages of the installation, we have also begun to make use of a selection of Lindab’s new Smart Tools to
facilitate the handling and transport of ducts. These tools look promising and are another important part of Lindab’s support to us installers!” says Eddie Mårtensson.



The emergency department at UMAS is one of Sweden’s biggest. Shortfalls in both patient and work environments led to the decision to renovate and extend the premises.
Lindab has delivered a complete Lindab Safe system in dimensions from 100 mm up to 1,250 mm plus diffusers and Plexus and Professor chilled beams.
“Since we conducted this project in the form of a Lindab Partnership, we got the entire design plans transferred to CADvent,” explains Eddie Mårtensson, project manager from Sydtotal. “This
has meant that the entire cutting process could be done in CADvent, and we have been able to synchronise the deliveries with each of the ongoing stages. This has made the entire ordering process easier and we have, for instance, been able to automatically control which ducts are to be delivered pre-cut from the factory.”
All deliveries from Lindab to Sydtotal have taken place on Fridays at 14:30 or 07:00 on Mondays, which besides a few exceptions, have been completed without problems.
“We have worked to a delivery plan that Peab was notified of in advance, meaning that all the material passed through the gates at the right time where it could then immediately be lifted by crane to the right stage/floor,” adds Eddie Mårtensson.