Lindab Air Handling Units


Air handling and energy management systems are becoming an increasingly important factor in ensuring sustainable development of the environment in which we live, because as much as 40% of all consumed energy in European buildings

Air handling units are intended for central preparation of air and allow all basic functions, including: heating, cooling, filtration, humidification, dehumidification, heat recovery and regeneration.

Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing modular air handling units and numerous custom-made solutions for demanding projects and clients worldwide have positioned us among the top European suppliers of ventilation systems. 38 standard sizes and over 50 interchangeable sections allow immense flexibility and adaptation to individual project requirements.

Commitment to our customers and high-quality interaction during complex project work allows us to build long-term relationships with excellent results. Saving time for designers and architects through good communication, our own detailed selection software and a dedicated technical support team is important. A rapid response and the quick delivery of a completed system solution is our top priority.


Tailor-Made Modular Air Handling Units


TopAir Modular air handling units are designed for single unit total air provision and treatment. A customisable selection of functional options available with the TopAir range include:

  • Airflow rates of 1,000m3h (0.27m3s) to 100,000m3h (27m3s)

  • Heating and cooling

  • Humidification and dehumidification

  • Suitable for internal or external mounting


TopAir Plus air handling units also boast:

  • Improved thermal bridging class (TB2)

  • Lower thermal transmittance (T2) acc. to EN 1886.

  • Broad selection of heat recovery system choices

  • Adjustable modular construction

  • Assembly options adaptable to project specific demands

  • Additional anti-corrosion powder coating or use of stainless steel materials

  • Full range of control options

  • Units are Eurovent certified

Outstanding flexibility due to a broad selection of heat recovery systems, adjustable modular construction and various assembly options allow adaptation to any project demands.  

Topair units are an ideal ventilation solution for a host of building types and applications including:
  • Public buildings and offices

  • Residential properties

  • Leisure facilities

  • Lecture theatres


Air Handling Unit Product Overview 


Upgraded Compact Air Handling Units


Ventilation of smaller non-residential premises has never been easier! The upgraded compact air handling unit CompAir offers impressive technical performance paired with ultimate user experience.

The plug&play units are available with counterflow heat exchanger or with rotary regenerator, for indoor or outdoor installations.


 CompAir CF is a compact air handling unit which offers the following:

  • Counter-flow with efficiencies up to 93%

  • Airflow rates of 500 m3h (0.14 m3s) to 10,700 m3h (2.9 m3s)

  • Optional configuration of airflow

  • Optional heating or cooling

  • Monoblock or split option

  • Integrated Controls

  • Suitable for internal or external mounting

  • Units are Eurovent certified


CompAir RW is an alternative compact air handling unit available with the following:

  • Rotary wheel with efficiencies up to 85%.

  • Airflow rates of 1,100 m3h (0.3 m3s) to 11,500 m3h (3.1 m3s)

  • Optional configuration of airflow

  • Optional heating or cooling

  • Monoblock or split option

  • Integrated Controls

  • Suitable for internal or external mounting

  • Units are Eurovent certified


CompAir air handling units fulfill the requirements of ErP 2016/ErP 2018 according Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC).



The CompAir range boasts a new cloud-based control system, allowing flawless communication with other HVAC elements and user friendly control of indoor climate parameters via smartphone or PC.
The integrated control system is available in Basic, Standard and Advanced versions with a range of features.

CompAir CF, RW Technical brochure

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