A Better Solution with BetterAir

Introducing probiotic air & surface purification. 

BetterAir patented Enviro-Biotics technology harnesses the power of probiotics to create an ecologically balanced environment in every space of any building.

Probiotics, when added to the air, function in a similar way as in our body. Probiotics help to keep the air in your indoor environment clean by increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria to restore ecological balance.

Your home is also home for bacteria, mould and allergens. BetterAir’s patented technology is designed to repeatedly release Enviro-Biotic, a solution comprised of an organically cultured strain of probiotic called Bacillus Subtilis.





Solutions for every building

A proven solution to a greener building and a balanced environment.

BetterAir can be installed directly into the HVAC system to circulate through air ducts or used as a stand-alone unit for individual rooms.

Billions of micro Enviro-Biotics are emitted directly into the air from a Blodify unit or through your ventilation system with a BA Pro unit to form a protective shield of microflora purifying the air and surfaces.

BetterAir Enviro-Biotics consume organic matter such is dust mite waste, pollen, shed human skin cells and pet dander. Improving indoor air quality, prolonging the cleanliness of hard surfaces and purifying those hard-to reach places.