Lindab Rainline


Steel- the ultimate material for roof-drainage systems

Steel is much lighter than cast iron, easier to handle than aluminium and offers minimal thermal movement compared to plastic- which can move and crack causing leaks.
Galvanised steel has the lowest CO2 life cycle impact compared to other materials used for rainwater systems.
Lindab Rainline is designed for easy installation and requires no sealants, further reducing its environmental impact and eliminating possible future issues of cracking and shrinkage.

Material and colour choice
Lindab Rainline is available in a choice of 11 colours in high-build polyester coating which is UV stable and will not fade or crack.
The whole system is also available in pure natural copper.also available for more of a natural aesthetic.
Plain galvanised, Aluzinc and new magnesium zinc coated Magestic are unpainted steel systems . Rainline is also available in natural copper.
15 year warranty
Lindab Rainline High-Build Polyester coated products come with a 15 year warranty.
Plain galvanised, Aluzinc and natural copper products are excluded from the 15 year warranty but new Magestic is accompanied with a 10 year warranty and offers the highest surface protection of any metallic coated steel.