TRUMPF TruTools  |  problem solving power tools for HVAC professionals

Professional sheet metal fabricators in many industries around the world rely on user-friendly power and battery tools by TRUMPF. In the field of heating, air conditioning and ventilation, you can work quickly, precisely and with consistently high quality even in inaccessible places. Use TRUMPF shears, slitting shears, seam lockers and power fasteners, without the requirements of hot works permits or bonded abrasive safety training.


TRUMPF Slitting Shears


- Perfect view of the cutting line

- Distortion free cutting

- Best flexibility in curves

- Profiles cut perfectly

- Easy cutting over the seam

- Quicker, quieter, safer


Watch a video of the C200 in action now!


C200 18V cordless slitting shear for standard mild steel up to 2.5mm.

C160 10.8V cordless slitting shear for standard mild steel up to 1.6mm.



- Unique shears for trimming close to a wall or ceiling

- Burr free cutting

- Perfect cutting quality even across folded surfaces

- Trims C, L,U profiles and flat sheet metal 


Watch a video of the S114 in action now!


S114 10.8V cordless shear for standard mild steel up to 1.6mm.

TRUMPF Power Fasteners


- Connects without screws or rivets

- Strong and resistant joints

- Flexible direction change

- Connect several metal plates

- No welding, no hot works permit


Watch a video of the TF350 in action now!


TF350 18V cordless power fastener for standard mild steel up to 3.5mm.



TRUMPF Seam Lockers


- For closing Pittsburgh seams on ducts

- Works with an automatic feed

- Consistent and tight seam

- Low-noise and vibration


Watch a video of the F301 in action now!


F301 18V cordless seam locker for sheet thicknesses ranging from 0.45mm to 1mm.



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