Speedy and Safe Duct Suspension


Improved high-spec wire suspension system


Lindab Tecwire now has a greater safe working load making it an even safer method to support spiral or rectangular duct.

The new Tecwire lock has a key-free release system designed with safety and speed in mind. No tools are required for height adjustment, making installation easier, quicker and minimising the risks of working at height.

The range consists of wire reels and separate locks giving the ability to produce your own made to measure wire suspension or in specially designed kits to suit a variety of applications.  

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Benefits of the Tecwire suspension systems include:

  • Key-free release system
  • Higher tensile grade wire
  • Faster speed of installation
  • Higher guaranteed safe work loadings
  • 2 mm wire will do the same job as 10 mm rod with reduced environmental impact
  • No hot works permit required

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Simple solutions for specific applications


Tecwire Loop


Tecwire Loop

The system consists of packs of Tecwire supplied to a pre-determined length with a ferruled loop termination and a Tecwire lock.

Simple to use for tear-drop suspensions, cradle suspensions, steel framed building installations and inverted suspension.

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Tecwire Concrete
Tecwire Concrete

The range consists of packs of Tecwire supplied to a pre-determined length with a concrete anchor termination and a Tecwire lock.

Designed to suspend from concrete ceilings including cracked, reinforced, and slagged concrete.

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Tecwire Anchor

Tecwire Anchor

The system consists of packs of Tecwire supplied with a concrete or masonry anchor termination and a Tecwire lock.

Each support incorporates a one-piece concrete anchor which is vibration resistant and tamper proof. No secondary tightening operation is required which greatly reduces the overall cost of an anchor installation  

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System Guarantee

Please note, the new Lindab TWLOCK and TWWIRE products are designed and guaranteed to be used as a complete wire suspension system.

Lindab are not able to guarantee the Safe Working Load of the locks when used in conjunction with a non Lindab wire or previously sold TECWIRE or TECLOCKS. If in doubt, please check with the Lindab technical team.


Download the Lindab Tecwire brochure for more information

Lindab Tecwire Brochure

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