This Tectape is manufactured from an extruded butyl rubber and is ideally suited to forming permanent air and weather tight joints between sections of flanged ductwork, air handling unit panels, builders work openings and similar joint sealing applications. It is supplied in single rolls on silicone coated release paper for ease of application.

Product Data

Type: Butyl rubber strip, 100% solids

Specific Gravity: Approx 1.7cm³

Temperature: -18°C to +70°C

Ageing: Very good

Chemical Resistance: Attacked by organic solvents. Fair resistance only to mild acids and alkalis.

Colour: Grey

Product Range

12mm wide x 3mm thick x 4 metre roll

15mm wide x 4mm thick x 8 metre roll

19mm wide x 3mm thick x 4 metre roll

25mm wide x 3mm thick x 4 metre roll

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