Ductmate 45 is the strongest and largest slide on flange currently available. Suitable for use up to and even over 3000mm, Ductmate 45 at last offers a real alternative to the time consuming RSA joints.

The key benefits include:

1. Ductmate 45 offers a replacement to the use of RSA flanges, to HVCA DW144 specification.
2. The use of Ductmate 45 offers reductions in installation time against RSA flanges as the number of intermediate bolts is reduced.
3. Ductmate 45 offers a slide-on flange system with integral sealant, which meets the requirements of J5-J6 ratings to DWTM1/DW144, which reduces occasions when tie rods are required to meet construction specifications.
4. Weight factor is reduced by using Ductmate 45 instead of RSA flanges.
5. The information on the drilling dimensions is no longer required thus eliminating possible errors.
6. No drilling required.
7. Ductmate 45 is rolled from Galvanised Steel, eliminating the need for painting.

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