No 2 - 3M Gripple Stud-Fast (M8) 45KG

For anchoring into concrete ceilings, metal decking and pressed metal brackets
•Supplied with Drop-in Anchors (as standard) or nuts as required
•Available in M6, M8 and M10, up to 225kg SWL, with a 5:1 safety factor
•Comes as a ready-to-use kit with wire rope and Gripple

2 Softwares

  • CADvent-enabler

    CADvent Enabler is a program that allows users to open dwg drawings, created with CADvent in AutoCAD.

  • DIMcomfort

    DIMcomfort is based on Lindab´s supply and exhaust air terminal device range, and provides calculation and design of diffusers based on the specified requirements.

    Download DIMcomfort