MTL is a rectangular linear diffuser in aluminium. MTL is suitable for both supply and exhaust air. MTL is equipped with air guide baffles, making it possible to use MTL for horizontal supply air. The horizontal dispersal pattern can be easily changed without the use of tools by turning the air guide baffle. The air guide baffle must be removed for vertical supply air.
MTL can be supplied in two versions, 15 mm or 19 mm, depending on capacity requirements or aesthetic considerations. MTL can be installed with plenum box STB/STU in order to achieve an even flow and individual adjustment. MTL is normally supplied in lengths up to max. 2 m, but can be supplied on request up to 5 m. MTZ-1 is a 90o joint, when an aesthetically pleasing corner is required.

  • Discrete appearance
  • Used for both supply air and exhaust
  • Horizontal and vertical supply air.

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