• permanent protection of metal surfaces from corrosion

• spotting of damaged galvanized elements

• repair of cut, heat sealed and welded elements

• applying corrections following galvanization, heat sealing and welding


• high zinc and aluminium content 99%

• excellent resistance to abrasion

• excellent covering power

• highly efficient and economical

• resistant to high temperatures

• short drying time


• drying time - the surface is resistant to touching after 2-3 minutes, complete drying time 30 min

• produced using acrylic resins

• silver colour

• indications on processing:

• clean up and remove fats from the surface to be painted

• remove remains of rust through rubbing down

• remove old varnish coatings

• mix the product thoroughly by shaking it for ca. 1 minute


500 ml, 12pcs./box

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