The XT sealing system comprises an elastomeric
modified butyl rubber adhesive laminated to a 40
micron thick malleable aluminium foil and covered with
a silicone treated paper for ease of application.
The XT sealing system combines the quality of
solvented sealants with the speed of application
provided by tapes in a single product. It is suitable for
both internal and external duct joint sealing and
provides a high initial tack with a bond, which increases
in strength over 24 hours!
Due to its flexibility, duct runs may be assembled on
the floor and then lifted into position without the tape
cracking or peeling.
The XT sealing system can also be used for roof
flashing and repair jobs. No special application skills
are required and drying or heating is not needed - Just
press the tape down firmly into position by hand!

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