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Standing seam with Aluminium-zincAluminium-zinc tin smith metal bearing quality

Aluminium-zinc is an aluminium-zinc coated steel sheet that can be used up to corrosion class C4.​ The metal coating consists of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon dioxide (by weight). The coating weight is 185 g/m2 double sided, with designation AZ185. The layer of aluminium-zinc is 25 μm (0.025 mm) thick per side on an AZ185 product. The surface is treated with anti-fingerprint protection to prevent discolouring during handling and to facilitate shaping.

The surface is initially shiny with a rose pattern which after some time outside will become greyish and matt. The rose pattern can vary from front to back and from coil to coil. It can also darken unevenly after rubbing due to the aluminium in the metallic coating.