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FDS-MMaster unit

The Fire Damper Steering System (FDS) allows to feed, monitor and test up to 60 fire dampers. Smoke detectors can be connected and monitored, as well.

The system is designed to feed only 24 V fire dampers.

The FDS-M Master unit accepts up to 4 fire dampers and 4 smoke detectors, which can be locally connected without any further component required.

The FDS-M can optionally manage a simple Smoke evacuation system, controlling 3 spring-return smoke dampers, a variable speed fan and a duct pressure gauge. If activated, no local fire dampers can be connected.

The main function of the FDS-S is to continuously check all fire damper position switches and all smoke detectors, and to close fire dampers when one fire dampers closes or one detectors are activated.

Fire alarm signals for external systems can be read (and possibly acknowledged) by the FDS-M.

An external alarm signal is sent to be read by external systems (e.g. to stop an AHU).

A supervisory BMS system can be connected to the FDS-M through Modbus protocol.