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In Hovorčovice not far from Prague there is a reconstructed family house with a metal roof and facade linking the old and the new parts together. A compact, elegant, house with two faces: the first - when viewed from the main road - says "my house, my castle". The other - when viewed from the garden - is friendly, has a holiday impression, and naturally connects the outdoor space with the interior. It's exactly what the family dreamed of.

Lindab SRP Click roofing

When viewed from the street, the Lindab SRP Click roofing material made of first-class Swedish steel, which is used on both the roof and the facade, plays a key role. The stylish implementation shows that, thanks to its features, Lindab SRP Click gives those interested in stylish modern living almost endless possibilities.


"The Lindab SRP Click on the roof and the facade met all our requirements for clean lines of the house, which were also met thanks to the concealed Lindab Rainline gutter system," adds the owner of the house.