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Lindab MBV BT-  app controlled commissioning

At Lindab, we are committed to the digital transformation and deploy its benefits in everything we develop. The Lindab MBV BT is part of our revolutionizing app controlled wireless ventilation concept. All hands-on handling is now gone. Instead, everything is connected via Bluetooth to our OneLink commissioning app. The benefits?

Once installed, the MBV BT needs no physical access. Everything from device setup, troubleshooting, and re-configuration to virtual assistance is done remotely on your smartphone.

The MBV box - a key ventilation component

What makes the MBV plenum box stand out, is its integrated volume flow regulator. With its patented linear cone damper technology, you can regulate up to 200 pa with low sound level. It ensures accurate and reliable VAV airflow regulation with no regulation damper or silencer needed before the box, and it can be used in combination with different diffusers. The MBV BT is the same high-end plenum box with a Bluetooth upgrade. Instead of manual operation the Bluetooth technology ensures that all configurations and operations can be handled remotely. In short: MBV BT is the key plenum box optimized for a wireless future.

We streamline the entire workflow

In a digital world, we need to settle the score with manual, hands-on procedures. Whether you’re handling commissioning or undertaking the role of operation, service, or facility manager, MBV BT streamlines your entire ventilation workflow.

Easy commissioning, inspection, and maintenance

All commissioning can be done remotely after installation, so the hassle of scheduled time frames, where all necessary parties are present at the same time, is a thing of the past. When it comes to inspection, all status control can be run while scanning for devices and the OneLink app makes it easy to control the device setup. Finally, the MBV BT optimizes your maintenance procedures as the virtual Product Assistant helps with all troubleshooting and all re-configuration can be done through the app.

MBV BT in action

Integrated Bluetooth Technology linked to the commissioning app – OneLink. Onelink connects to all MBVs nearby and presents you with all possible options for each device. See how easy commissioning, inspection, and maintenance can be. Press play....

Lindab OneLink- full control

The MBV BT is commissioned with the OneLink app. The app will scan for nearby devices and connect to the device of your choice. Once connected, you have free control to reconfigure the settings, measure performance, or get immediate help to fix potential problems with the Product Assistant. In short - you have full remote control.



Connect to BMS
with Lindab Pascal System Management

With Lindab Pascal System Management and Pascal Operate, you can control the entire ventilation on building level.

Lindab Pascal provides you with a ventilation system overview, indoor climate overview at room level, easy system setup and commissioning, indication of optimal indoor climate at lowest energy consumption, and a simple and intuitive user interface.

All-in-all, Lindab Pascal is your one access point and all you need to control and monitor performance at any time and in any situation



Lindab cares about the climate

The MBV BT box is an intelligent plenum box, that reduces the total energy consumption in a ventilation system by exact measurement of the airflow. We want to lower our customers’ environmental impact through our products to support the goal reaching a net-zero carbon building stock by 2050. Using MBV BT is a significant step, towards a greener future. Join our journey for a better climate.



Get help with LindQST

With LindQST you can plan, select, calculate and simulate your total ventilation projects. So why not use the product selector and configurator to find the right plenum box for your project? We have of course made sure you will have all the technical information needed ready for download as soon as you have chosen your plenum box. Moreover, we offer plugins which allows you to import the MBV BT directly into your CAD-program.

More information?

For more information please contact your local sales organisation.