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Lindab MBV BT-  app controlled commissioning

At Lindab, we are committed to the digital transformation and deploy its benefits in everything we develop. The Lindab MBV BT is part of our revolutionizing app controlled wireless ventilation concept. All hands-on handling is now gone. Instead, everything is connected via Bluetooth to our OneLink commissioning app. The benefits?

Once installed, the MBV BT needs no physical access. Everything from device setup, troubleshooting, and re-configuration to virtual assistance is done remotely on your smartphone.



Connect to BMS
with Lindab Pascal System Management

With Lindab Pascal System Management and Pascal Operate, you can control the entire ventilation on building level.

Lindab Pascal provides you with a ventilation system overview, indoor climate overview at room level, easy system setup and commissioning, indication of optimal indoor climate at lowest energy consumption, and a simple and intuitive user interface.

All-in-all, Lindab Pascal is your one access point and all you need to control and monitor performance at any time and in any situation