21 January 2020

TruTools now in stock

Lindab team up with TRUMPF to offer top quality power tools for HVAC professionals

TRUMPF has been a specialist in the metal processing industry for many years. With their battery-powered tools, they combine long-term experience with the newest technology so that professionals from different industries worldwide can get their work done with perfect results.

The range of 18V and 10.8V shears, slitting shears, seam lockers and power fasteners selected to be stocked at Lindab are designed specifically for work with heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.

Health and safety is a priority on site and with TruTools, no Hot Works Permits or Bonded abrasive safety training are required; no diust is created and slitting shears coil waste material upwards, not within the duct.

The cordless, robust tools allow faster, quieter, more accurate work. High performance batteries offer longer life and faster charging. Two batteries and a charger are supplied with each tool and replacement blades are available from stock.

TRUMPF offers the best metalwork power tools for any need, find out more about the range available from Lindab here