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Lindab manufactures and sells products and solutions for ventilation systems in Europe. We are leading the development of tight duct systems and were, for example, the first supplier to offer duct systems in the highest tightness class D.

In a number of markets, we also offer building products in areas such as roofs, walls and roof drainage.

Product offering - Ventilation products

Lindab offers the ventilation industry everything from individual components to complete indoor climate solutions. We offer an unlimited range of functional, simple, economical and environmental ventilation solutions for both residential and commercial properties. 

Product offering - Building products

Lindab offers construction products in steel and sheet metal in a number of different product groups. Everything from ingenious systems for ceilings, walls, and floors to specially designed rivets, screws, and profiled sheeting profiles. Whatever you need - a roof construction or an adjustable bracket for your roof drainage system - we can offer you a solution.



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