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  • 1 For a better climate
  • 2 Create healthy buildings
  • 3 Reduce the environmental impact
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We have developed a sustainability plan with objectives and activities that guides us when implementing our corporate strategy.

> Learn more about the sustainability plan

For a better climate

For us, sustainability is a way of thinking and working. This affects how we work with Lindab's strategy in all areas. Everything from the purchases we make, to the deliveries and the service we offer our customers.

Watch a short film about Lindab's plan for a better climate. We want to contribute to tomorrow's indoor climate. We also want to contribute to a better climate for our planet.


Building certifications

Lindab wants to contribute to a better climate and therefore certification of buildings is important to us. We offer high quality products that help build sustainable buildings with comfortable indoor climate to live and work in.

Environmental product declaration (EPD)

An environmental product declaration presents the environmental impact of a product over its entire life cycle. From the time the ore is mined to the time the sheet metal product is recycled after its lifetime.

Lindab has published EPDs for a number of ventilation and building products, see them all here. 

Targets and activities

Our sustainability work consists of activities in many different areas - from increasing knowledge about healthy indoor environments to launching new energy-efficient products, working systematically with safety, reducing the environmental impact of transports, finding new ways to optimise steel usage and how to support the local communities we are part of.

If you want to know more about Lindab´s activities and sustainability targets visit