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Lindab UltraLink® - a unique technology

The UltraLink controller is a patented Lindab technology. A premium, volume flow regulator developed to deliver an optimal indoor climate consuming as little energy as possible. The UltraLink controller gives you a highly efficient and well-regulated ventilation system with low maintenance costs and easy installation.



Reliable measurement with ultrasound

What makes the UltraLink unique is the ultrasonic sensor. It measures airflow, velocity and temperature with a very high precision and reliability, even at low airflow and without unnecessary pressure loss. This means that the damper can adjust the airflow exactly right, regardless of the demand.

Unobstructed airflow and low maintenance

Because the sensor is located outside the air stream, there are no unnecessary obstructions in the airflow, reducing the accumulation of dust and dirt particles. This improves the performance, reduces the noise, and minimizes the need to clean the system.



Easy installation

Install the UltraLink Demand Controlled Ventilation regulator in your existing duct system.

To provide more options during installation, the integrated damper and the UltraLink sensor can be rotated, which means that both parts can be positioned optimally for various occasions. Watch how easy the installation is here




The UltraLink® FTMU flow monitor

Without any obstacles in the airstream to create pressure drops, the Lindab FTMU ensures a highly accurate flow monitoring. It measures the flow with an angled ultrasonic beam, which can be calculated and compensated to a very high accuracy over the whole flow range. The fact that it is not sensitive to dirt and designed to minimize the dust accumulation on the flow sensors makes it outstandingly stable over time.

Lindab OneLink - the commissioning app

The UltraLink is commissioned with Bluetooth technology and controlled via our OneLink app. With OneLink you can monitor and adjust the airflow directly from your smartphone. That will speed up both installation and commissioning. You even get self-service through virtual support with the Product Assistant in the app.

Lindab OneSet - the room control app

Get continous visuals of your current indoor climate in each room in your building with the OneSet app. Depending on your selected sensors, you can see and adjust the temperature and measure the humidity, CO2, presence, and airflow levels.



Design and flexibility

To meet demands in different buildings, we have added more colours and materials to our product range, for the product’s appearance and environmental requirements. UltraLink is available in a wide range of dimensions, from 100 mm up to 630 mm. and compatible with both new and old ventilation systems.

Climate friendly product

The UltraLink is an Intelligent damper, that reduces the total energy consumption in a ventilation system by exact measurement of the airflow. We want to lower our customers’ environmental impact through our products to support the goal reaching a net-zero carbon building stock by 2050. Using UltraLink is a significant step, towards a greener future. Join our journey for a better climate.

Upgrade to the Ultra BT system

The UltraLink is the perfect foundation for a ventilation upgrade. With three simple steps, you can optimize even further: All you need is the UltraLink, one to five sensors and the smartphone app, and you have the ultimate Demand Controlled Ventilation system at room level. It is a 360-degree system upgrade with a fully integrated Bluetooth Technology, making both costs, installation complexity, and daily operations much more efficient and indoor climate optimal at all times. And, why not start by upgrading a couple of rooms at a time and add more sensors if needed? The choice is yours…



Get help with LindQST

With LindQST you can plan, select, calculate and simulate your total ventilation projects. So why not use the product selector and configurator [LINK] to find the right UltraLink for your project? We have of course made sure you will have all the technical information needed ready for download as soon as you have chosen your UltraLink. Moreover, we offer plugins which allows you to import the UltraLink directly into your CAD-program.

More information?

For more information please contact your local sales organisation.