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The Vent Tools app is developed to make your life easier and limit any room for error when you calculate, install and measure your ventilation system. Whether you need to calculate pressure loss, duct dimensioning, bend angles for a specific offset or need the K-factor and airflow capacity, Vent Tools is right there in your pocket to do the job for you. Maybe you have it already? Then you need to update it to the new and smarter version. If you don’t have it already – let’s go get it…



Use it when you calculate, when you order and when you install

We spend time so you don’t have to. At Lindab, we strive to develop new digital technologies to make your life easier and eliminate the well-known bumps on the road to operational excellence. Vent Tools is the incarnation of that approach.

It’s simply a piece of easy-to-access-software to make the ventilation system design and measurements easier to handle. With it you can plan to get the right design, you can calculate to get your order correct or you can use it for accurate cutting and fitting during installation.

Get out your phone, open the app, put in the known values and get the unknown values in a split second.


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Lindab is present in over twenty countries and has operations in more than 140 locations in Europe. Go to the contact page to get support from your local representative.