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For a better indoor climate

In the world of ventilation, the right air diffusion can transform a room. It's not just about addressing issues like noise, draught, or temperature fluctuations - it's about enhancing the overall comfort, indoor air quality and ambience of the room. That's where Lindab comes in. Our air diffusers are expertly designed to deliver optimal performance while seamlessly blending into their surroundings. The result? A space that feels just right. Experience the Lindab difference for yourself and elevate your next project.

Why air diffusion by Lindab?

Lindab is more than just a ventilation supplier - we're a committed partner, ready to help you enhance your next project with the right products every time.

  • Decades of industry experience
  • Wide product range for any type of requirements
  • In-house design, engineering and production
  • Customer adapted solutions and full-scale testing
  • Easy installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Assisting software and tools for efficient planning and implementation
  • Direct sales, support and distribution across Europe



Every project, every need

Diffusers, plenum boxes, grilles, valves, nozzles, overflow units – our range has you covered.

Choosing the right plenum box

The role of a plenum box in regulating air and sound in your ventilation system is crucial for comfort and indoor air quality. It ensures measured and balanced airflow, evenly distributes air to diffusers, and secures good sound attenuation.

To maximize the effectiveness of your air diffuser, it's important to pair it with the right plenum box. Choose wisely, as the right pair can significantly enhance comfort, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.



Use our planning tools

Streamline your design process with Lindab's comprehensive suite of ventilation software, tools, and plugins. Created to support ventilation designers at each step, our tools simplify product selection, dimensioning, calculations, and performance evaluations. Focused on facilitating the creation of complete, energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems, our digital solutions make planning straightforward and efficient.



Discover our laboratories

At Lindab, innovation and improvement are key. Our advanced acoustic and indoor climate laboratory facilities in Farum, Denmark, plays a crucial role in this process. The facilities enables us to conduct thorough tests and measurements, driving the development of our high-performing products. We also welcome customers who need full-scale testing and precise product documentation for special projects.



Save energy and improve comfort

With demand controlled ventilation (DCV) you get the best from two worlds - healthier indoor climate and lower energy use.

Lindab offers complete room control systems and full control management system for further energy efficiency and savings. Learn more about how our demand controlled ventilation systems can elevate your next project while helping you cut operational costs.



Easy to find, easy to install

To learn more about our products and offering, please connect with your local Lindab team.




Get the Vent Tools app

The Vent Tools app is developed to make your life easier and limit any room for error when you calculate, install and measure your ventilation system. Whether you need to calculate pressure loss, duct dimensioning, bend angles for a specific offset or need the K-factor and airflow capacity, Vent Tools is right there in your pocket to do the job for you. Maybe you have it already? Then you need to update it to the new and smarter version. If you don’t have it already – let’s go get it…