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Lindab's dedicated test centres

Here at Lindab, we're proud to run some of Europe's largest, yet hands-on laboratories for testing and measuring sound, indoor climate, and ventilation solutions. Meeting EU standards, our test facilities in Sweden and Denmark provide valuable insight and documentation. Full-scale tests, carried out according to international standards, allow us to fine-tune solutions to meet customer needs. With indoor environments in buildings demanding more attention - think energy efficiency, indoor air quality, sound reduction, fire safety, and sustainability - our labs are at the heart of improving our products. This is where we make things better, one test at a time.

Raising industry standards

At Lindab, we're all about finding new ways to make life easier for our customers. Our laboratory in Grevie, Sweden, serves as the heartland of our production, innovation, and continuous progress. Here, we're always exploring ways to improve the air tightness, energy efficiency, overall performance, and ease of installation of our circular duct system - Lindab Safe. What's more, we're proud to be among the first to offer our system in recycled steel as a standard range. Our commitment to quality shines through in the Eurovent certification of our Lindab Safe system - a testament to our relentless drive for excellence. We're always pushing, always developing - because that's what we do.



Hands-on testing and tailored solutions

Balancing theory and practice is key in ventilation. That's why we offer full-scale testing in our indoor climate laboratory in Denmark, providing sense of security before the project starts. The lab is equipped with sophisticated measuring equipment to collect data, compiled into a user-friendly report for your ongoing planning or building documentation.  But we don't stop at testing. We believe no task is too big and offer consultation from idea to installation. With Lindab, you're never alone in the process.



Reduce noise, improve comfort

Noise can turn a peaceful room into a stressful place and even affect your health. At Lindab, we're making sound reduction a priority, and our development team ensures that every product we create improves the quality of your building environment. We do this in our acoustic laboratory, a part of our indoor climate laboratory in Denmark. The acoustic laboratory is certified by an external authority and built to meet DS/EN ISO 7235 standards. We don't just test here - we learn, making sure our products provide reliable performance data and accurate sound calculations for system dimensioning and acoustic requirements. With Lindab, you're choosing products backed by hard work and dedication to your comfort.

Safe standards for fire protection

At Lindab, we're serious about safety. We have the ability to perform in-house testing according to EN 15650, underscoring our commitment to stringent standards. We're focused on developing our products and systems in line with the EN 12101 series standard every single day. With our footprint spread across Europe, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in field. Our range of fire-protective products and systems offers safety in ventilation systems and protects your property and its occupants. 



Our offering

At Lindab, we're more than a supplier. We're a dedicated partner, committed to providing your project with expert knowledge and high quality products every time.