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Creating healthier spaces

At Lindab, we're committed to shaping the future of indoor environments. Our energy-efficient ventilation systems are designed to promote healthier spaces while also offering economic benefits. Whether you're planning a new construction, considering a renovation, or aiming for sustainability certification of your building, we have products and solutions to support your project. Discover how Lindab can contribute to your vision.

Energy-efficient solutions for new buildings

At Lindab, we provide solutions that meet the stringent energy efficiency requirements of new buildings. As the EU moves towards making near-zero energy buildings a standard from 2022, our systems are designed to meet these demands and align with environmental certifications like BREEAM and LEED. Explore how our high air-tightness products and demand-controlled ventilation solutions contribute to creating energy-efficient new constructions. 



Simple solutions for renovation projects

Renovate your ventilation system and reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. Our innovative solutions offer minimal impact on existing structures, with room-by-room upgrade options. Experience how our smart units and demand-controlled ventilation systems, such as Ultra BT, optimise existing ventilation systems for significant energy savings.



Solutions for Greener Buildings

At Lindab, we're dedicated to fostering a better climate through sustainable buildings. Our products are aligned with certification requirements for BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, and others, ensuring your building's environmental performance is up to standard. Explore our commitment to innovation, resource efficiency, and the creation of comfortable indoor climates.



Digital tools for ventilation design

Simplify your design process with Lindab's extensive range of ventilation software, tools, and plugins. Designed to assist professionals at every stage of ventilation planning, our digital solutions make product selection, dimensioning, calculations, and performance evaluations easy. With a focus on creating comprehensive, energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems, we're here to make your planning process straightforward and efficient.