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Walls and facades

Lindab offers a variety of solutions for facades as well as interior and exterior walls. The common denominator is steel, that we provide in different formats and designs.

A simpler way to build walls

Lindab’s durable steel profiles and purlin systems are the future’s material of choice for building interior, partition and exterior walls. These lightweight construction systems boast features that ensure a project is financially viable, simple and effective. From a technical point of view, steel purlins are the obvious choice for noise-reducing walls. We also offer a versatile range of steel battens for those seeking to reroof a building. Steel battens are a safe and sustainable alternative to timber.

Sheet metal facades

Sheet metal as a facade material is a cost-effective and aesthetic option. Lindab facade systems are ightweight, wear resistant, easy to maintain and available in a host of colours. With the polyester coating, you get a tough colour coating with a matt or gloss surface which reduces the risk of colour fading. You can order Lindab facade sheet metal in the length you desire.

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Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are an effective solution if you want to produce cost-effective walls and ceilings without compromising on quality and the end result. We offer a wide range of design choices with many different colours and surface patterns.



Facade cassette

Lindab facade cassettes are a modern alternative as well as a complement to other wall claddings, such as sandwich panels. The facade cassettes form a resilient, elegant system that can be used for all or part of a facade. The facade cassette gives the facade horizontal and vertical lines, which gives an aesthetic and elegant look.

A host of colours

Choose from a broad palette of timeless and contemporary colours. Lindab colour coatings are of the highest quality, which means optimal wear resistance and durability.

Installation made easy

Wall solutions from Lindab are simple to install without the need for special tools. The products meet the most stringent fire safety requirements and are as suitable for single-family homes as for multi-storey buildings.