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CADvent & CADvent plugins

CADvent features

  • Easy routing of duct systems with accurate dimensions
  • Product selection tools to meet performance requirements
  • Calculation of flow, balancing, sound levels, and sizing
  • Text and layer management
  • Duct cutting
  • Bill of materials



What can you do with the CADvent plugin for AutoCAD?

  • Import duct series
  • Add Lindab ventilation products to your room via LindQST
  • Manage ducts
  • Optimize fittings
  • Create a bill of material
  • Upload Lindab products to Lindab´s webshop 



What functions have CADvent plugin for Revit? 

  • Loading Lindab ductwork families
  • Adding piece-labels
  • Bill-of-material reports
  • Lindab webshop connection
  • Duct cutting function
  • Export the geometry and properties of spaces to TEKNOsim and LindQST