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CADvent & CADvent plugins


CADvent is a ventilation design application for AutoCAD. This software helps to simplify design and documentation of a complete ventilation system. Modeling air duct systems is fast and the built-in analysis in CADvent can further optimize the design.

CADvent features

  • Easy routing of duct systems with accurate dimensions
  • Product selection tools to meet performance requirements
  • Calculation of flow, balancing, sound levels, and sizing
  • Text and layer management
  • Duct cutting
  • Bill of materials



CADvent plugin for AutoCAD

CADvent plugin for AutoCAD is a toolbox with several very helpful features for ventilation designers and contractors. Users can create rooms with requirement properties and upload these to LindQST. Moreover for those who also has MagiCAD installed there is a wider choice of functions available.

What can you do with the CADvent plugin for AutoCAD?

  • Import duct series
  • Add Lindab ventilation products to your room via LindQST
  • Manage ducts
  • Optimize fittings
  • Create a bill of material
  • Upload Lindab products to Lindab´s webshop 



CADvent plugin for Revit

With CADvent plugin for Revit users can upload Revit MEP-spaces with requirement properties to LindQST. The user can then add air devices to the rooms by using the web application lindQST. In general CADvent plugin for Revit is similar to CADvent plugin for AutoCAD, however it has few more functions which you can read about below.

What functions have CADvent plugin for Revit? 

  • Loading Lindab ductwork families
  • Adding piece-labels
  • Bill-of-material reports
  • Lindab webshop connection
  • Duct cutting function
  • Export the geometry and properties of spaces to TEKNOsim and LindQST