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Sheet metal roofs

Choosing a roof is a major task and not something you want to do more than once. Therefore, it is very important that you choose a roof that lives up to your expectations and requirements, year after year. Since we dare to promise that we can offer sheet metal roofs that are truly watertight, have high durability, retain colour for a long time and have excellent fouling resistance, we also dare to offer the most generous guarantees.

For all types of buildings

Lindab offers roof sheeting for residential buildings in several designs and models. You can get a roof with a strip roofing profile, or a sheet metal roof that looks like concrete tiles. We can also offer roof sheeting for standing seam roofs via your tinsmith.

Easy to work with

Simplicity plays an important role in our design. A case in point is our click-system roofs. The products are of superlative quality and easy to work with. All Lindab roofs are supplied with the most comprehensive guarantee on the market.

A host of colours

With Lindab roofs, you are offered a wide array of colour options to suit every taste and style preference. The colour palette is the widest on the market



Roof safety

For your roof to be complete, you also need to consider safety. At Lindab, you can find all the safety products you need, such as ridges and eaves guards, ladders and walkways. For us, every detail counts.

Rainwater systems

Lindab’s system for roof drainage is the most comprehensive and tried-and-tested of its kind on the market. Its simple assembly and end-to-end quality have made the system a favourite among pros and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Lindab Solar Roof

For far too long, the appearance of traditional solar cells has been allowed to stand in the way of the wish of many homeowners to use their roof to produce green electricity. We are happy to say that time has passed. Never again will you need to let design compromise function.