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All software for ventilation products

Our offer includes both dimensioning and indoor climate simulation programs as well as plugins for market-leading CAD software.

Lindab's IT solutions simplify dimensioning, quantity calculation and planning of complete, energy-efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems.

Read more about our software for ventilation systems below.


CADvent is a ventilation design application for AutoCAD. This software helps to simplify design and documentation of a complete ventilation system.


The Lindab Quick Selection Tool, lindQST, is a very fast, easy-to-use and flexible online tool for your daily work.


TEKNOsim is a quick and simple indoor climate simulation software. The software is used to calculate the peak cooling and heating loads of a building, along with overheating hours and PPD-index. Annual energy use of heating and cooling in the building can be calculated as well.

UltraLink Configuration Tool

Lindab UltraLink® Configuration Tool is a software for configuring and testing the UltraLink Monitor FTMU and the FTCU controller. UltraLink configuration tool only works on Windows operating system. For configuring Lindabs air flow products you can also use OneLink Commissioning app.

Leakage tester LT600 & PC410

This software is for storing and handling measuring data from air leakage tester LT600 & PC410. With this software you can create customer profiles, transfer them into the measuring instrument, and after the measurement you can transfer the records from the instrument back to the software directly into the customer profile. And then you can store, comment, document and print the measurement records.