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Films - indoor climate

Films to increase knowledge about the importance of good indoor air. Follow our Lindab family in their everyday life and see how their activities affect the indoor climate.

Football game

The Lindab family has gathered in front of the TV to watch a football game. Where is that chilly wind coming from? Dad knows how to fix it!

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It´s wonderful in summer! The green trees and the colourful flowers. But there is also a lot that tickles the nose. Achoo! 

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Time to clean!

It's time for the weekly cleaning of the house. The bathroom is thoroughly cleaned. But what happened with the ventilation valve?

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Productivity in school

Is the ventilation in your classroom set to the right number of people?

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The conference room

Poor air in a conference room is a well-known issue.

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Hotel night

Do you think about the indoor air and how it will affect your sleep when selecting a hotel?

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How do you know if your indoor air quality is good? With an Airbird you can keep track of the quality of your indoor environment.

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When planning the ventilation in a kindergarten or nursery, it is important to consider how the room will be used.

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Office draught

If you change how people are placed in an office, it's a good idea to consider the ventilation and how it will affect people's well-being.

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