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One intelligent ventilation system

A DCV system is an intelligent ventilation system based on variable air flow and indoor climate parameters. The system solves two of the biggest ventilation challenges: improving indoor climate and decreasing energy consumption.

The operation of other DCV systems generally requires the use of several separate components. With DCV ONE room supply unit, all components is integrated into this one unit, prepared for future changes – making it perfect for the fast changing world we live in today.

Get One fast overview of DCV ONE here



One access point

For full control you can add Lindab Pascal System management
and Pascal Operate. This gives you one centralised access point
and full control of your ventilation system.

Benefits with Pascal

  • Ventilation system overview
  • Indoor climate overview at room level
  • Easy system setup
  • Optimal indoor climate at lowest energy consumption


One installation

When new demands occur, you can easily change the design without having extra installation costs. You don’t have to mind sensors, duct-work or room controllers when redesigning your office environment.